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About Iran Geo

Iran Geo International Exhibition is the first and largest commercial event in Iran in the field of geomatics and spatial information of the country.

The Iran Geo International Exhibition stands as an impressive milestone, being the first and foremost commercial event in Iran dedicated to geomatics and spatial information within the country. Its inaugural edition took place in January 2022, followed by the second edition in February 2023, both being officially authorized by the Iran Trade Permission Organization. This exhibition was organized by Avaye Movafagh Iranian (AMI GROUP), with invaluable support from the Armed Forces Geographical Organization. With its magnitude and the support it has garnered, the Iran Geo International Exhibition serves as a platform for fostering advancements and collaborations in the field of geomatics and spatial information in Iran.

International Exhibition of Iran GEO Show

Reasons that why people should consider exhibiting in Iran Geo exhibition:

  2. 1 -Geographic Diversity: Iran boasts diverse landscapes, including mountains, deserts, forests, and coastal areas. This geographical diversity presents various challenges and opportunities for geomatics and geoinformatics applications such as environmental monitoring, and natural.
  4. 2 – Academic Excellence: Iranian universities offer comprehensive programs in geomatics and geoinformatics, providing students with a strong foundation field. These academic programs focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, are well-equipped to apply geospatial technologies effectively.
  6. 3 – Research and Innovation: Iran promotes research and development in geomatics and geoinformatics through various institutions and centers. These institutions invest in research projects, encourage innovation, and collaborate with international partners to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field.
  8. 4 – Government Support: The Iranian government recognizes the importance of geomaticsoinformatics for various sectors, including urban planning, agriculture, water management, and disaster response. As a result, there is support in terms of funding, infrastructure development, and policy frameworks that promote the use of geospatial technologies.
  10. 5 – Technological Infrastructure: Iran has invested in developing a robust technological infrastructure to support geomatics and geoinformatics. This includes satellite image acquisition capabilities, advanced software and tools for data analysis and visualization, and the establishment of geospatial data centers for data dissemination.
  12. 6 – Sectors: geomatics and geoinformatics find applications in multiple sectors such as urban planning, agriculture, natural resource management, transportation, and environmental monitoring. Iran’s expertise in these fields allows for effective utilization of geospatial technologies in addressing challenges and making informed decisions.
  14. 7 – International Collaboration: Iranian professionals actively engage in international collaborations and knowledge-sharing networks in the field of geomatics and geoinformatics. This enables them to exchange ideas, learn from global best practices, the advancement of the field.
  16. – In summary, Iran’s geographic diversity, academic excellence, research and innovation focus, government support, technological infrastructure, application in various sectors, and international collaborations all contribute to its proficiency in the field of geomatics and geoinformatics
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Space and remote sensing


Geodesy, land mapping


Hydrography and tidal affairs


Meteorology and climatology


Geology and mineral exploration


Geographic information systems (GIS), software and hardware


Aerial Photography mapping, airplanes and drones


Cartography, books, atlases, publications


Geography, land surveying and urban planning



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